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 ”Respect mother nature and know that she is the boss. Take care, have fun and always put safety first!” 

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Key Features



GPS Tracking

Similar to training apps out there Trax Spots lets you log your activities using the phones built in GPS.

Press start, put the phone in your pocket and start shredding.

When you are done, just press stop and save. Then the logged track will be stored in your personal profile where you can edit it by adding pictures, a link to a Youtube movie and a text description.


Map Navigation

Trax Spots features map navigation to explore the world around you. View the logged tracks and spots on a specific location. You can easily chose to view only specific categories to get relevant information. Press a marker and you will access the Track or Spot information where you can view the full length of the track and also find it using Live View.


Augmented Reality

The Trax Spots key feature for exploration and navigation. Press ”Live View” in the side menu and view all tracks and spots within a 30 km radius marked out in the actual terrain. Visit ”Live View” on a specific track or spot and use the augmented reality to view the course of the track.


Social Feed

Trax Spots features a listview of all logged tracks and spots. The list can be sorted either by time or by distance depending on your preference. Each list item contains information about distance away, time logged, category and if there is a movie embeded in the track or spot info.


Detailed Information

To provide the best possible information the recording user have the possibility to add an extensive description of the track or spot. Information like, a description, pictures, a movie and characteristics. The more information the better the inspiration for the users followers.


Rider Profiles

Every user have their own rider profile.

It is possible to add relevant information and sponsors. It is also possible to view every users logged tracks and spots, followers and who he/she is following. The profile can be set to either public or private. If private, then you have to be friends on Facebook in order to connect in Trax Spots.

Q & A

Does it work with all actionsports?

Trax Spots is developed to work with all actionsports, all year around. The app has four predefined categories, Snow, Water, Dirt and City. Just choose which that suits your current activity.

Do I need to use mobile data?

In order to download new tracks or upload logged tracks you need to use either mobile data or available wi-fi. You do not need an internet connection in order to log new tracks or spots. The items you have viewed will be stored locally on your phone and be available without internet connection. You can easily delete these local files by visiting the settings options in the app.

How about avalanche safety?

Trax Spots is NOT a safety app and all riding is done on your own risk. We always recommend that you bring the proper safety gear and knowledge before you head out. Check the weather reports and talk to the locals if you feel uncertain.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augemented reality enables a new way of navigation with Trax Spots. It uses the recorded gps co-ordinates and displays them as a layer on the actual terrain through the ”Live View” function. It can be used instead of or together with the traditional maps to find the drop-in points to for example a off-pist track.

Can I choose to who I want to share my logs with?

When editing your logged track or spot you will be provided with three sharing options. By default the setting is ”Private” so that you have the chance to edit the track or spot in peace and quite. When you are done and have added all the information you want to provide just chose ”Public” if you want to make it visible to everyone or ”Followers” if you only want your followers to see it.

Does Trax Spots work offline?

You can use Trax Spots without any internet connection. The gps works anyway and enables you to log new tracks or spots. Then you can edit and upload them when you are back home enjoying your wi-fi. The tracks and spots that you view in the app are stored locally on your phone so these will be available any time. You can easily delete these local files by visiting the settings options in the app. But do not be alarmed, a track or spot takes about 100 kb each so it will take a while before you fill up your phone.

News & Contact




If you have any question regarding the development, functions, future plans and so on feel free to contact us at press@traxspots.com

You can also download our Press Kit below

Press Kit


If you want to keep up to date with the development of the Trax Spots App and read posts from some of our teamriders please visit our blog or follow us on Facebook! Together with our partners we will launch various competitions during the seasons, so keep your eyes and ears open to win great prizes!

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We are truly grateful that you choose to use the Trax Spots App help us make actionsports more available all over the world. We want to give you the best support possible so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

Just send an e-mail to support@traxspots.com and we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.

Trax Spots is developed with support from

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