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Team Sweden

Temmos Freeride Les Arcs

After Verbier I went home to Engelberg. I moved down to Engelberg the day before I went to Verbier so I nowadays do call Engelberg home. When I got home I didn’t really know when and where my next comp would be. We were checking the registration platform for possible events. Usually the registration is…

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bild 3

Comp season is on!

Time runs by and so does posting. Here’s a catchup on my start of the winter. I started my competition season with three two-star events at the Verbier Freeride Week. I had so much fun this week even though for me it wasn’t that great competition wise.   The first comp was run at Mont…

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Tokyo was next up! That’s some crazy city. So much colored lights, so much buildings, so much different clothing styles, so much people… There’s so much of everything, it just never seems to end. Fortunately my mom lived in Tokyo for 14 months when she was younger so she was a pretty amazing guide in…

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Niseko, Japan. What to say…? It didn’t look too good in the beginning. We had four days of skiing and to be honest I was a bit disappointed after the first day. It had been quite warm and no fresh snow the last couple of days earlier, that was not the type of skiing you…

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Finally got to ski!

  First lift ride for the season, great feeling!       After a long fall I finally got to ski again. I can’t remember my abstinence for winter has ever been as strong as this year so I really enjoyed my first three days on snow. The conditions for were not looking that good…

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Winter is coming!

Right now I’m on the bus home to Gothenburg from Oslo. I’m sad my updates has been not that frequent (not existing) lately but that’s about to change.     Checked out the ski jump venue at Holmenkollen. Crazy stuff…   I’ve been working all summer and fall, last three months in Oslo in the…

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Post with Slider

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